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New Record Creation Workflow / Process

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Currently, it is very unintuitive to create a new page. The most common and selected way is done via the pagetree (using drag+drop and the chosen page type to select a position), there is also the way of doing this via the list module, where a "Page Creation Wizard" is showing up.

For the content elements, there is wizard, where you also first have to select a page AND the position, in order to select the type, and the continue further,

For other records, this is done in a basic way to just simply show the FormEngine.

There is always the click menu to create new records as well.


I strongly urge to unify this process, by providing a sane dialog which is the same for all, but then can also be customized and extended. Let's first look at "new" empty pages / records of any kind.

A dialog / modal should open where the position should be selectable (for pages, it is the pagetree), also the breadcrumb to the location should be shown.

Then, when the type is selected (CType, doktype, news_type, be_users.admin, see TCA ctrl "typeColumn"), only relevant fields for new records should be shown.

For pages of type "Standard" this should be title, slug, and maybe some additional fields like disabled, starttime, for pages of type "external URL" this should actually be the target URL (which is a required field anyways, and not considered).

This concept should then also apply to content elements, where also the column where it is placed should be shown.

This concept should also apply to regular news elements as well.

In order to configure the fields to be shown, I recommend
a) always show the required fields of the subtype (do not use FormEngine's tab logic as it is, we could use FormEngine but a different rendering for the tabs)
b) allow custom fields either through TCA and overrides via PageTsConfig.

We also need to consider this for translations (thus, selecting a language might be an option).

Once this has been solved, we need to consider creating new records from "presets", that might be records that we have in the bookmarks or something along the lines. Like "cloning" a page (incl. records on it), or a "content element" from an existing "preset" record which has been marked like this before.

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Feature #103037: Editors should be able to re-use existing content (also from external)New2024-02-04

Task #103118: Re-invent PagePositionMapNew2024-02-14

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