Bug #14372

False value of $GLOBALS["TSFE"]->beUserLogin

Added by Urs Weiss about 17 years ago. Updated almost 17 years ago.

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The value of $GLOBALS["TSFE"]->beUserLogin is false when logged in as "normal" BE-User.

Logged in as:
- admin > true (1)
- user > false (0)

(issue imported from #M449)


Updated by Urs Weiss almost 17 years ago

Can someone maybe reproduce this bug on his/her server?

Is simple to check. Just add "debug($GLOBALS["TSFE"]->beUserLogin)" in a extension (for example) and see what you get if you logged in as "admin" or other user without admin permissions.
I just want to know if this really is a bug or maybe a fault on my site.

Thanks a lot
Urs Weiss

edited on: 19.01.05 13:39


Updated by Michael Scharkow almost 17 years ago

I just checked and it worked as expected, whether as admin or not, I get 1, else None.
Shall we wait for more feedback or close the issue?


Updated by Urs Weiss almost 17 years ago

Thank you for your check.
Now, after over two month of having this problem i found it out on a new shop i made. Was a permission issue. The user had no permissen to see the page in the BE, so the beUserLogin-Value was always "false" on the tracking page.

We can close the issue.

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