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Missing help for Parent-Child-Subchild problem

Added by Stefan Froemken almost 13 years ago. Updated almost 13 years ago.

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We produce printers. Each printer has a printerhead and each printerhead can be another type. So I have three tables, which I'll combine in one view.

Thanks a lot for the property useCombination=1. With help of an MM-Table for printer and Printehead I can now select or create a new record. To integrate the type-table I make a second MM-Table for printerhead and type. But now...there is a problem:

I see the printer...I see the printerheads, but there is always no title for type. The list with the type-records is correct and I can make a relation to the printerhead, but after saving the type-title disappear and in MM-Table stands a zero in the field "type".

So...how to make a parent-child-subchild-relation?

(issue imported from #M8438)


Updated by Stefan Froemken almost 13 years ago

Don't know how to edit this report. Sorry.

I have this problem with the new IRRE-function in TYPO3 4.1.5. It's called TCA type "inline".



Updated by Susanne Moog almost 13 years ago

this seems more like a support question then a documentation bug. Can we close it?


Updated by Stefan Froemken almost 13 years ago

Yes you can. I solved it with help of Oliver Harder in his IRRE-Newsgroup.


Updated by Daniel Brüßler almost 13 years ago

yes, we can close it, this is not a forum about how to use IRRE :-)


Updated by Daniel Brüßler almost 13 years ago

thanks to Susanne

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