Bug #24870

Regression: The ExtDirect token needs to be regenerated after relogin by popup window

Added by Ernesto Baschny over 9 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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After "relogin", all extdirect requests to the backend no longer work (context menus no loading, pagetree not responding and several errors popping up in the debug panel).

This had been fixed before (for RC1 = #24715), but was later broken again (with the introduction of the performance improvements in RC2 = #24715).

This fix doesn't help for any open FORM (no ExtDirect) that you have on the page. I.e. if you are editing a content element, and you "relogin" (with the popup or the dialog relogin), you won't be able to save your work. This will require some extra work.
(issue imported from #M17378)

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#1 Updated by Florian Bachmann over 9 years ago

should be escalated to major, if not block

#2 Updated by Ernesto Baschny over 9 years ago

This will be solved by the fix from Helmut for the relogin issue in #24873. So we'll resolve this one together with that one. ;)

#3 Updated by Steffen Kamper over 9 years ago

fixed with #24873

#4 Updated by Bart Dubelaar over 7 years ago

I am still experiencing issues with this in 4.5.11 up to 4.5.18. Regression?
Also reported again in #33094

Update: For me it seems to be caused by the installation of eu_ldap. Will inspect it further, this extension properly adds an authentication service so it should not give any problems (at first sight).

Update II: The problem lies in the fact that eu_ldap forces $TYPO3_CONF_VARS['BE']['loginSecurityLevel'] to 'normal' (which is understandable if you want to process the password yourself). Uninstalling eu_ldap and setting this property to 'normal' also causes the same behavior.

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