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Link to download extension documentation is missing in new extension manager

Added by Alban Cousinie over 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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While developping websites, I used to find quick and convenient the ability to download the documentation of an installed extension directly from the extension manager.

This feature seems to have been forgotten / stripped from the new extension manager of typo3 6.0, so now we have to go on typo3.org and make multiple clics to download the documentation that was available locally. Not only this creates more load on the typo3.org server, but it is less practical for developpers. So if you could put back that feature it would be nice !

Thank you

Alban CousiniƩ


Updated by Alban Cousinie over 8 years ago

More, for system extensions like felogin, the extension documentation is not available from typo3.org.
The only solution is to get it by ftp in the directory /typo3/sysext/extension_name/doc. This is something that may complicate life of newbies.


Updated by Alban Cousinie over 8 years ago

I just figured out the link is available when you get new extensions from the detail view, but when you manage already installed extensions you have no access to the detailed view, thus no access to the manual. Also the current link is whith the online version : it would be nice to keep the link to the open-office version as well, as there are sometimes some rendering problems in the online version of the documentation.


Updated by Philipp Gampe over 8 years ago

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The old extension documentation via manual.swx is deprecated. It is recommended to use reStructuredText as format for new documentations.

We are in the process of converting the system manuals so that we can offer them via http://docs.typo3.org/typo3cms/.

Once we have done that, we can add a link that simply points to the docs server. This solution could then be backported to the whole 6.x branch.

Another option would be to automatically render a PDF version of the docs and put that into the extensions, however this is out of scope for 6.2, unless someone steps forward and implements our new (planned) extension infrastructure.


Updated by Philipp Gampe over 8 years ago

Someone might also step forward and implement a detail view for local extensions. Then we could add some more logic to this.


Updated by Wouter Wolters over 7 years ago

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This has been added in 6.2. Documentation can be viewed from within the Extension Manager

Also available in: Atom PDF