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Shourtcut with 301 switch option

Added by d.ros no-lastname-given about 8 years ago. Updated about 8 years ago.

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once there was #17037 to make shortcut handling better. But this has still a litte option to work better which could be resolved with an additional switch where the name could be "chosen page with 301".

At the moment the link points directly to the target page, but there are usecases where it makes sense to give an editor the possiblity to generate shortcut links to pages which reside deeper in a page.

Atm. you could make a new page and use "show content from" which has the disadvantage of double content.

If you could set an 301 option to the shortcut, you would have a link like www.domain.com/short redirecting to www.domain.com/in/a/deeper/tree with a 301

Which makes quite sense IMHO

Cheers David


Updated by d.ros no-lastname-given about 8 years ago

There are possiblities to set those entries with realURL or cooluri or even .htaccess but this is quite unhandy for editors.


Updated by Philipp Gampe about 8 years ago

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This does already work this way. At least without realurl, a page (398 -> 51) will do a 301 redirect if you call it directly.

I do not know how realurl behaves here, but this works with plain TYPO3 CMS.


Updated by d.ros no-lastname-given about 8 years ago

To be honest,

first of all, if you have realUrl or coolUri in use then the shortcut link points directly to the target page, not to the name of the shourtcut page.

I didn´t crosscheck with realUrl but the cooluri runs into an error, because the urlCache is not filled.

My handish workaround is to put a page into a part of the pagetree which is excluded from pagepath, open that page from backend. Then the urlCache table is filled and I can switch back that page to shortcut mode. That way I get my redirect.

So it´s only a bet that realUrl behaves the same.




Updated by d.ros no-lastname-given about 8 years ago

So I had a look on realUrl which has an own table for redirects (maintainable with info module). While cooluri has not and does the job per urlCache Table. Which gets truncated on a cleaning task. And the maintenance of this in it´s own submodule for this is quite nuts.

So I think this could be closed unless you see an advantage of handling this directly by core.

To be honest: It would be some kind of useful if the approaches of cooluri and realurl would become core extensions as it should be just native.




Updated by Philipp Gampe about 8 years ago

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This has been discussed before, but this would be hard to implement, because of the chicken/egg problem of loading configuration and rootline. The TYPO3 bootstrap is not really made for this and a clean implementation will require a lot of work.

Closing as this is not a core issue. This should be handled by the extensions (additional cache entry for the shortcut page itself).

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