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Possibility to define a list of tables to use pid for generating preview link in workspace module

Added by Uwe Trotzek over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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In the workspace module it is possible to click on the preview link for each element to open the preview of the related page. By default this is only possible for tt_content and pages records because extension datarows are normally not stored on the same page where the plugin is. Therefore the preview link would point on the sysfolder which is wrong.
For these kind of datarows it is possible to define (via pageTsConfig) a static pid for the preview:


This works like a charme btw. :)

For some extensions (e.g. a certain ext we use) it would be nice to define a list of tables which are stored on the same pid as the plugin. Therefore the preview page is the same as the pid of the record.

I'll implemented (and tested) this already in our environment and would suggest to implemend this into the core.

options.workspaces.usePidForTables {
tx_myext_table1 = 1
tx_myext_table2 = 1


62445.patch (8.77 KB) 62445.patch Uwe Trotzek, 2014-10-24 11:31

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Updated by Uwe Trotzek over 6 years ago

I'm sorry. As I figured out while providing the patch, this is a little bit more complicated. I missed that this is dependent from https://forge.typo3.org/issues/59144 which is not merged for 6.2 but I already integrated it to our core.

I don't know how to provide a patch which is dependent from another issue with gerrit so I'll add a path as a file.


Updated by Oliver Hader over 6 years ago

With issue #59144 it would be possible to define the following:

options.workspaces.previewPageId {
tx_myext_table1 = field:pid
tx_myext_table2 = field:pid

I think that's enough already. Please let me know in case I misunderstood this issue.


Updated by Oliver Hader over 6 years ago

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Updated by Oliver Hader over 6 years ago

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Updated by Uwe Trotzek over 6 years ago

Memo to myself: "read first, then ask!" ;)

You are absolutely right. I must have missed it. Please close this issue. Thank you!

Kind regards


Updated by Oliver Hader over 6 years ago

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Duplicate of #59144

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