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Migration Process / Parse reST files in Install Tool

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We have .rst files now that are created for all information that is worth mentioning. We can make better use of that:

  • Display them in the install tool - maybe just plain .rst as-is in the first step
  • Add a checkbox “read / done that one” for each to mark them - simply storing this information in sys_registry
  • Add tags to each .rst: likely / unlikely / typoscript / backend / php / extbase / fluid / frontend / indexed_search / …
  • Order display in install tool by these tags
  • Couple functionality to certain .rst files: A deprecated method could be scanned for, same for TypoScript -> “Please read this one, you are affected” / “No need to read this, you instance is not affected”. Maybe have some automigration “Hey, I can adapt this static call for you, if you want”. Hint for code places in extensions to look for: “This ext is affected in file / line” … this is similar to smoothmigration.

All in all, this could be a upgrade killer feature, it could make continuous upgrades really really smooth and agencies / admins would love us for such a feature.

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This is included in 8.4!

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