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Remove preparsing of queries

Added by Benni Mack over 3 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Revision e33966d1 (diff)
Added by Benni Mack over 3 years ago

[!!!][TASK] Extbase: Remove preparsing of queries

The whole concept of having placeholders is a pseudo-prepared
statement idea, which RDBMS do inside their query cache. The logic
inside PHP is therefore removed.

The following public methods have been removed:
  • Typo3DbBackend->quoteTextValueCallback()
  • Typo3DbQueryParser->preparseQuery()
  • Typo3DbQueryParser->normalizeParameterIdentifier()
  • Typo3DbQueryParser->addDynamicQueryParts()
  • ComparisonInterface->setParameterIdentifier
  • ComparisonInterface->getParameterIdentifier
The following methods have been marked as deprecated:
  • Comparison->setParameterIdentifier()
  • Comparison->getParameterIdentifier()

This patch is one of the prerequisites to introduce the Doctrine DBAL
QueryBuilder instead of building raw SQL statements.

Resolves: #77502
Releases: master
Change-Id: Ia5be0148874c15337ab5ce60094e9eae72fe3d9e
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Tested-by: Christian Kuhn <>


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