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Improve enumeration usage

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TL;DR - Improve the enumeration feature to have something more similar to this implementation: https://github.com/myclabs/php-enum

Current usage

The current core enumeration implementations mainly work with string values and do not force types in any way. This can lead to incorrect values being used by functions and lead to more runtime errors.

See below some basic usage taken in current core master, and comments about what is wrong with them:

// Doubling type casting + duplicated class name
(int)(string)new VersionState(VersionState::DEFAULT_STATE)
// Duplicated class name + useless instance (could be only string comparison)
switch (VersionState::cast($row['t3ver_state'])) {
    case new VersionState(VersionState::NEW_PLACEHOLDER):
        $parts[] = 'PLH WSID#' . $row['t3ver_wsid'];

// A string is passed in `$conflictMode`.
// This should not be the responsability of the method `rename()`
// to validate and cast the value that is passed, but to the
// method that actually calls `rename()`.
// This can lead to more errors if not handled correctly.
public function rename($newName, $conflictMode = DuplicationBehavior::RENAME)


The main goal of the patch would be to use enumerations as value objects, which allows a much more stronger and bug-free application, as well as more flexibility in how data can be used. This also helps with onboarding new contributors who can understand the logic behind a function much more easily.

The current enumeration class (\TYPO3\CMS\Core\Type\Enumeration) would be improved.

Magic method calls

One of the new introduced features would be magic static methods calls, to dramatically ease readability:

// Old way:
$myEnum = MyEnum::cast(MyEnum::MY_VALUE);

// New way:
$myEnum = MyEnum::MY_VALUE();

Data mapping

The data mapper automatically fills enum values, which means a frontend form being submitted can then create a PHP object containing enum values, which is awesome when you actually have to work with the object.

Utility methods

Enumeration classes should use more utility functions to ease the usage when working with implementation.

TYPO3 core already uses this kind of methods (see TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Toolbar\Enumeration\InformationStatus::isGreaterThan()), but there could be much more.


See below an implementation example of how TYPO3 page types could be handled:

// The actual enumeration class.
class PageType extends Enumeration
    // Pages
    const STANDARD = 1;

    // Links
    const SHORTCUT = 4;
    const MOUNT_POINT = 7;
    const EXTERNAL_URL = 3;

    // Special
    const FOLDER = 254;
    const RECYCLER = 255;
    const MENU_SEPARATOR = 199;

     * Will be true if the type is one of the links types.
     * @return bool
    public function isLink(): bool
        return $this->equal(static::SHORTCUT())
            || $this->equal(static::MOUNT_POINT())
            || $this->equal(static::EXTERNAL_URL());

     * Will be true only if the type is folder, false in any other case.
     * @return bool
    public function isFolder(): bool
        return $this->equals(static::FOLDER());

// A class using the enumeration.
class Page 
     * @var PageType
    protected $type;

     * @param PageType $type
    public function setType(PageType $type)
        $this->type = $type;

     * @return PageType
    public function getType()
        return $this->type;

// Basic usage.
class MyClass
    public function process()
        $page = new Page;

        // ...


     * @param Page $page
    protected function doSomething(Page $page)
        if ($page->getType()->isFolder()) {
            // Do folder related things...
        } elseif ($page->getType()->isLink()) {
            // Create some link...
        } elseif ($page->getType()->equals(PageType::STANDARD())) {
            // ...
        } else {
            // ...

Please note that this whole implementation has already been done and used in my company for a whole year now, using this tiny library: https://github.com/myclabs/php-enum

Every developer uses it almost every day and everyone did say this improved productivity, code understanding and application reliability by a lot, compared to an old string-comparison way.


Task #82411: Breaking: refactor enumeration classClosedRomain Canon

Feature #82412: Add magic static call to enumeration classNewRomain Canon

Task #82413: Change enumeration usage in coreNewRomain Canon


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As this is a technical task and nothing happened for a long time due to lack of time, I'm going to close the ticket for now. If you have time to work on it again, please reopen (with pushing a patch).

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