Bug #84000

Justify buttons are not displayed correctly while overriding justify-classes in custom RTE configuration

Added by Jan Stockfisch over 4 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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While using an own CKEditor configuration and overriding the default justify CSS-classes, the buttons are not correctly set to "active". If you select a text an click on one of the justify buttons the correct class is set. Means only the buttons in the toolbar are not shown properly. Also the text with that justify class is not shown correctly. But that may occour through the not defined custom CSS-class. In the attached screenshots, no JavaScript-Errors occured. The one about the t3skin_override.css is from gridelements - ignore it.

The configuration I used is attached. Though TYPO3 version is set to 8, this still exists in current master (TYPO3 9.2-dev).


console2-T3v8.png (22.7 KB) console2-T3v8.png Jan Stockfisch, 2018-02-21 13:59
console-T3v8.png (68.1 KB) console-T3v8.png Jan Stockfisch, 2018-02-21 13:59
wysiwyg-source-T3v9-dev.png (8.38 KB) wysiwyg-source-T3v9-dev.png Jan Stockfisch, 2018-02-21 13:59
wysiwyg-T3v8.png (8.21 KB) wysiwyg-T3v8.png Jan Stockfisch, 2018-02-21 13:59
wysiwyg-source-T3v8.png (9.48 KB) wysiwyg-source-T3v8.png Jan Stockfisch, 2018-02-21 13:59
wysiwyg-T3v9-dev.png (6.89 KB) wysiwyg-T3v9-dev.png Jan Stockfisch, 2018-02-21 13:59
skeleton.yaml (1.18 KB) skeleton.yaml Jan Stockfisch, 2018-02-21 14:06

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Updated by Jan Stockfisch over 4 years ago

  • Related to Bug #81801: ckEditor: Text-Align "Center" not working added

Updated by Jan Stockfisch over 4 years ago

Ok this is - kind of interesting. Just added a CSS-File with my custom justify classes. Works just fine now.

I do undestand that if there is no CSS-File with the custom classes, that the content will not be shown properly.
But the buttons are also not displayed in the way they should...

EDIT: I would abandon this one, but I can't. Feel free to close it.


Updated by Frans Saris over 4 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Closed

Closed as requested.

If the custom styles are used/set it means the config is processed correctly and then it would be a ckeditor issue.

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