Bug #84879

set_localizedUid($l10nParent) changes the $l10nparent instand of the new created Entity (over the createAction)

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Extbase, Translation, _localizedUid, _languageUid
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Hello guys

i've an approach to build a form that creates an object and his translation at the same time (one submit).
So i do that with jquery.ajax.

there are two forms and with one submit i fire first the german than i get the uid of the germans one after that i fire the french one and set on this post the $_localizedUid.
Both forms have a hiddenfield "$_languageUid" with the value of the languages they have to post. additionally i add on the f:form this one additionalParams="{L:'1'}".

so everythings works fine. if i post both forms without localizedUid it works like excepted but if i add now this to my second post (post the french form with the uid of the record who is created in the german form) this thngs happen:

1. the french object isnt french. it is the default language without l10n_parent
2. the german object - who was on creating ok - will be updated: i get the values from the french entity (for example i get the french title) and he is self on french.

so setting the $localizedUid dosent work on the object and he update the referenced object who should be the translationorigin....

several settings ($querySettings->setRespectSysLanguage/ setLanguageMode, setLanguageOverlayMode etc) doesn't helps anything.

Why is typo3 this kind of hard to the translations.
a form that create severall data on severall language is a normal approach...


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