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Give Fluid templates access to tt_content fields of EXT:form plugin content element

Added by Christoph Bessei almost 4 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

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It would be really nice, if Fluid templates could access fields of the plugin content element.
E.g. header, layout, space_before_class, etc.

Use case
With access to the tt_content fields a form could be rendered with different styling, withouth changing the form itself.
This would allow an editor (which has no access to the FormEditor) to re-use a form in different styles (e.g. different checkbox styling, different container sizes, different spacings, horizontal/vertical form, etc.)
Also an integrator could aa a "bodytext" field to the plugin content element, so an editor can write a short description to each occurence of the form.

Needed code change
Add $this->view->assign('data', $this->configurationManager->getContentObject()->data); to FormFrontendController->renderAction:


Updated by Riccardo De Contardi over 3 years ago

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christoph - Bessei
First of all, pardon me for this late answer;

I don't exactly understand what do you mean here:

when you create a content element with CType = form_formframework, you can use the fields

  • Layout[layout]
  • Frame[frame_class]
  • Space Before[space_before_class]
  • Space After[space_after_class]

that are in the "Appearance" tab

and about adding the bodytext field, I think that you can alter the TCA of the content element, am I wrong? Is there something I don't consider here? Thank you for your answer!


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No feedback since 90 days. I am closing this issue. If you think this is the wrong decision, please open a new issue and provide the required information. Thanks!

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