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previousButtonLabel and nextButtonLabel not translatable for a specific form

Added by Sebastian Klein about 1 year ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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I tried several translation key combinations to translate the previousButtonLabel and nextButtonLabel only for a specific form definition, but it seems this is currently not possible.

What does work (sets label for every form):

<trans-unit id="element.SummaryPage.renderingOptions.previousButtonLabel">

What doesn't work:

<trans-unit id="<form-identifier>.element.SummaryPage.renderingOptions.previousButtonLabel">
<trans-unit id="element.<form-identifier>.SummaryPage.renderingOptions.previousButtonLabel">
<trans-unit id="element.SummaryPage.<form-identifier>.renderingOptions.previousButtonLabel">
<trans-unit id="element.<form-identifier>.renderingOptions.previousButtonLabel">

I would have expected to translate these the same as the submitButtonLabel:

<trans-unit id="element.<form-identifier>.renderingOptions.submitButtonLabel">
    <source>Send message</source>

(the order of this translation key seems odd anyway, as the form identifier is the second part here, contrary to prepending it to keys for field labels like <form-identifier>.element.<element-name>.properties.label)

Is this a missing feature or do I use a wrong translation key?


#1 Updated by Sebastian Klein 12 months ago

Okay, it is possible to translate previousButtonLabel and nextButtonLabel for specific forms, as long as you use the identifiers of the included pages and summarypages:

<trans-unit id="<form-identifier>.element.<element-identifier>.renderingOptions.nextButtonLabel">
<trans-unit id="element.<element-identifier>.renderingOptions.previousButtonLabel">

Still had no luck to successfully combine element-type and form-identifier. But this solution is flexible enough.

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