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Forms: jQuery UI datepicker / Comment causes "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input"

Added by Benedikt Imminger 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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  1. Add datepicker to form
  2. Activate "Enable datepicker (needs jQuery UI)"
  3. Go to frontend: console says "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of input"

See attached screenshot.

I think this error is caused by sysext/form/Classes/ViewHelpers/Form/DatePickerViewHelper.php:

//By using "backspace" or "delete", you can clear the datepicker again …

Tested with Forms 9.5.5

Inspector.png View (193 KB) Benedikt Imminger, 2019-04-03 15:16


#1 Updated by Bjoern Jacob 6 months ago

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#2 Updated by Susanne Moog 5 months ago

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Do you have any additional compressing / minifying via extension (especially one using minifyJavaScript)? Any special settings? I cannot reproduce this with a basic TYPO3 installation - however from the code and your screenshot something is failing to minify the JS comment correctly so I'm guessing you are using an additional extension for that.

#3 Updated by Bjoern Jacob 5 months ago

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#4 Updated by Benedikt Imminger 5 months ago

The problem was caused by tinysource/min. I changed the settings of the extension and the issue disappeared.

Sorry, for posting a bug report which was not caused by TYPO3.

#5 Updated by Bjoern Jacob 5 months ago

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Thank you for your feedback. Great that you've solved your problem. Closing this issue :)

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