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Tables with "readOnly" set have delete-, copy- and cut-buttons in list view

Added by Harald Glaser 27 days ago. Updated 25 days ago.

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When switching a table to readOnly-Mode via "$GLOBALS['TCA']['yourTable']['ctrl']['readOnly'] = 1" editing, deleting and copying items is no longer possible.

If you try to edit the item, there is a warning above the form informing the user, and the save- and delete-buttons are not displayed.
But in contrast when in list view, all buttons are not only visible, but clicking them seems to work as expected - e.g. when clicking on "delete" the prompt "are you sure" is shown and on confirm the item is faded out with the delete-animation: so the user has no chance to notice that the item doesn't really get deleted.

For tables with readOnly set, the related buttons shouldn't be shown in list view. If this is to complicated to achive, there should at least be an error message when clicking on one of them.


#1 Updated by Georg Ringer 27 days ago

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which TYPO3 version are you using? this has been improved in 9.5.9, can you check that if not using already? otherwise please add a screenshot

#2 Updated by Harald Glaser 27 days ago

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Thanks for the feedback - it was 9.5.8, with 9.5.9 everything works as expected. Sorry for the unnecessary alarm...

#3 Updated by Riccardo De Contardi 25 days ago

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@Harald Glaser Don't worry and thank you for your quick answer; I close this issue as resolved.

If you think that I've misunderstood or experience the issue again please reopen it or ping me. Thank you.

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