Bug #90837

Not possible to set uppercase metatags

Added by Riny van Tiggelen about 1 year ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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Because a lot of the metatag classes (AbstractMetaTagManager, GenericMetaTagManager, MetaTagManagerRegistry) use the "strtolower" function it is not possible to set metatags which have uppercase names.
For example the "DC" metatags should be uppercase, and these metatags are still used by universities among others.

As this is a breaking change, it's not possible to fix this for v10, this must be taken into account for v11.


Updated by Georg Ringer about 1 year ago

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Updated by Richard Haeser 5 months ago

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Would it be an idea to introduce a AbstractMetaTagManager for capitalized metatags so people can extend from that class? And maybe introduce a specific dublin core metatagmanager that is using this abstract? In this way it is a non-breaking change and can still be added to v11 (as we should not add new breaking changes in v11). It is also quite easy to add this as an example to the docs for people having this question in TYPO3 v9 or v10. What do you think?

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