Bug #92517

No alternative namespace supported by ExtbasePluginEnhancer

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It is possible to configure an alternative pluginNamespace for an Extbase Plugin.
This can be done via TypoScript:

plugin {
    tx_extname_pluginname {
        view {
            pluginNamespace = search

As this is not supported by the ExtbasePluginEnhancer, those can not be combined. It is not possible to provide routing configuration when using a custom configured pluginNamespace.

I would suggest to respect the "namespace" option, which is respected by PluginEnhancer, which is extended by ExtbasePluginEnhancer. This way integrator are able to configure an alternative namespace in both places.

Our use case: Map only some parts of routes, but keep others, e.g. search parameters. Those should not add unnecessary garbage to url like "tx_extname_pluginname" but "search" instead.

The option was initially introduced to access the arguments from another plugin (as far as I know).

Steps to reproduce:

Use any existing Extbase Plugin (which is using arguments) and insert it into a page. Configure an alternative pluginNamespace as shown above. The arguments should no longer be mapped. Add "namespace" with same value to the configuration of the Enhaner, it should work with the patch.

In case one follows this approach, one can omit the extension and plugin option of the Enhancer. Those are only used to generate the namespace.


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