Bug #65809

Updated by Xavier Perseguers almost 7 years ago

Because of the bugfix #25594 the autocompletion of typoscript-code fails, when I try to create new Objects. 

 +*For example, when I create a new TEXT-Object like this:*+ 
 lib.field_test = TEXT 
 lib.field_test { 
   value = This is a test 

 The section after the first "lib." will be interpreted wrong: wrong (Screenshot 1). 

 !Screenshot 1.png! 

 Before the bugfix #25594 this worked correctly (see Screenshot 2) and when I remove the line 2603: 
					 ch == "." || 
 in typo3/sysext/t3editor/res/jslib/parse_typoscript/tokenizetyposcript.js, the problem is solved: 

 !Screenshot 2.png! solved.