Task #69736

Updated by Christian Kuhn almost 9 years ago

with TCA config 'iconsInOptionTags' sometimes an item icon was rendered within the option tag of select items. This was never valid HTML and only worked in a fraction of browsers. 

 Task is to remove this option altogether. If we introduce a similar functionality again, it would be solved differently. 

 * Find out for which elements this was possible, at least for tca type select. 

 * Extend TcaMigration with a method to drop this option from TCA whereever it may occur. Have this method unit tested. 

 * Add a "important" (?) .rst file that this option vanished. 

 * Add a pull request to ext:styleguide removing examples that use this option. 

 * Find according code within FormEngine classes that use this method. 

 * FormEngineUtility::optionTagStyle() method will be unused afterwards. The method is "internal" and can be dropped without substitution.