Bug #17201

Updated by Mathias Schreiber over 8 years ago

 Imagine the following situation:  
 You have pagetype type = 0 for your contents. The template with pagetype 0 includes the same page (via a link tag) with page type 1, which is storing the css. 

 If you have a page with this template arrangement in your workspaces and create a preview link to send it to someone, he'll only be able to see pagetype 0. The same page but pagetype 1 is not previewable, which breaks the website, as the css is not shown. 

 As I didn't find any config setting, I assume this is a bug. 


 T3 4.1 
 PHP 5 
 modern template building used 
 Fx and IE7 browser affected, but I guess it's not a clientside problem.. 
 (issue imported from #M5401)