Bug #76638

Updated by Daniel Goerz almost 8 years ago

When using the context menu in the page tree to insert a new page as a sub page to an existing page, the arrow for the insertion point is only displayed correct for the levels 0 and 1 of the page tree. Starting with level 2, the arrow for inserting a sub page is not connected via a dotted line to the parent page. See attached image. Clicking on this arrow actually inserts a sub page, so the functionality is correct, just the rendering of the dotted line as well as the identatioin of the arrow is incorrect. Tested with Chrom, Firefox and Safari.  

 Also on levels 0 and 1 the arrow to insert the new page as a sub page is attached to the wrong page. In the image below, if trying to insert a page by using the context menu on "Seite 1" the insert as sub-page appears attached to "Seite 2" 

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