Bug #78134

Updated by Josef Glatz almost 3 years ago

h1. Problem/Description

*TypoScript @config.noScaleUp@ no longer works since:*

Commit 1f4b97454d05d7cb1be2a78b6a6e9f8fad736942

Since then, @config.processor_allowUpscaling@ is checked and it's reversed now.

Generally, it would make sense to switch to (e.g.) @config.allowUpscaling@, but we have to announce that as breakingchange-rst or by deprecating the old one @config.noScaleUp@ AND of course, adding that information in the TYPO3 documentation!

h1. My suggested solution

I would suggest to *deprecate deprecate the old one* and *switch one und switch to a meaningful* naming like @config.allowUpscaling@ meaningful naming.