Bug #78666

Updated by Helmut Hummel over 4 years ago

Following steps to reproduce: 

 - Try to install the attached extension 

 Expected result: 

 3 Extensions should be available and installed: a, b, and hosts_pattern (after the "I know what I'm doing" dialog was confirmed due to TYPO3 version) 

 Actual result: resulte: 

 Fatal error because hosts_pattern was not downloaded and installed. 

 There are several problems during the installation of an extension: 

 1) The information for downloading and updating dependencies is fetched fetch to early. The queue is retrieved before local extensions were copied and its dependencies were added to the queues. 
 2) The queues are processed only once. ones. This means new downloads and/or updates are not processed anymore. 
 3) The ordering of extensions that need needed to be installed is mixed up. Extensions which were added at last to the queue are dependencies of earlier ones and need to be installed first.