Bug #76236

Updated by Helmut Hummel about 2 years ago

I try to use an condition for Including on an MultiDomain Websites different TS for different sites.

@<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="FILE:path/to/the/first/domain/main.ts-setup" condition="[PIDinRootline=1]">@

now if i go to *firstdomain.test* the TypoScript is not included. if i go to *firstdomain.test/?index.php?id=1* the Typoscript is included correctly. And the Rootpage is Pid = 1
if I Include the file like this:

<INCLUDE_TYPOSCRIPT: source="FILE:path/to/the/first/domain/main.ts-setup">@

it works correctly, but with the Problem that i can not use any conditions inside.