Bug #80312

Updated by Josef Glatz over 2 years ago

h1. Problem/Description

In a project, where we started with TYPO3 master ~8.5.0-dev we often get a broken TYPO3 backend after a re-login is necessary.

h2. Scenario

In my case, this happens in following scenario:
# Im logged in in the backend
# My IP changes
# The login screen appears
# Login process works as expected
# At first glance all looks fine when the backend ui gets loaded

*but then*

# the last/starting module
# or pagetree could not be loaded

h3. However better than a Windows bluescreen, it looks like the following screenie (project name/Logo grayed out)


h3. The console log as text:

<pre><code class="javascript">
/typo3/sysext/backend/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Viewport.js?bust=411d72e16a44c31551ef7434f3a9b4ca1205202b:120 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'contentWindow' of undefined
at /typo3/sysext/backend/Resources/Public/JavaScript/Viewport.js?bust=411d72e16a44c31551ef7434f3a9b4ca1205202b:120
at Object.execCb (require-98fc40774edc8a5fe2909f2c012d4c8f.js:1)
at t.check (require-98fc40774edc8a5fe2909f2c012d4c8f.js:1)
at t.enable (require-98fc40774edc8a5fe2909f2c012d4c8f.js:1)
at t.init (require-98fc40774edc8a5fe2909f2c012d4c8f.js:1)
at o (require-98fc40774edc8a5fe2909f2c012d4c8f.js:1)
at Object.completeLoad (require-98fc40774edc8a5fe2909f2c012d4c8f.js:1)
at HTMLScriptElement.onScriptLoad (require-98fc40774edc8a5fe2909f2c012d4c8f.js:1)
merged-6bc5661a87ce7c5cb42537a1c10a8eab-740b001d6533ba5bb7b6a194642b928d.js:3962 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'App' of undefined
at merged-6bc5661a87ce7c5cb42537a1c10a8eab-740b001d6533ba5bb7b6a194642b928d.js:3962


h3. What if you click on a module in the module menu (e.g. Web > Page Module)

The page module opens, but not within the frame


h3. Actual workaround

Manually reloading the whole TYPO3 backend before clicking on a module. (In some cases, that's not enough. If a simple reload doesn't work, an editor could click on a module, then press back button in the browser) module

h1. ToDo(s)

* ?

h1. Acceptance Criteria