Bug #84573

Updated by Sybille Peters over 3 years ago

(It appears this is a pretty new bug which did not exist until recently. Reproduced with current master.) 

 Translated, not activated (hidden) elements are not displayed in page mode. They are visible in list mode, though. Once the elements are activated (unhidden), they are displayed in page mode. Bug seems unrelated to type of element (tested with "Text & Media" and "Bootstrap Carousel").  

 h2. Reproduce 

 # Create elements, e.g. "Text & Media" 
 # In "page" module, select "Languages", use the "Translate" button (I used translate mode, not copy - don't know if this is relevant) 

 h2. Screenshots 

 page mode: 2 translated elements are missing. 


 list mode: all elements are displayed.