Bug #85406

Updated by Sybille Peters over 1 year ago

h2. Problem

Import / Export does not work with Files attached to Text & Media

h2. System environment

TYPO3 8.7.16

h2. Reproduce

# create page with 1 Text & Media and 1 file attached
# Export it using default settings: "This page", all tables, etc.
# import it in a different installation (with default settings), do not force uids

h2. Results

1. On exporting there are error messages for sys_file uid=76: LOST RELATION:



However, file with uid=76 exists and File is correctly linked to Text & Media as visible in the backend:

select uid,identifier from sys_file where uid=76;
| uid | identifier |
| 76 | /user_upload/no_file_found.png |

2. After importing, a wrong image is linked with the Text & Media

sys_file_reference shows that a new sys_file_reference record was created using the same uid_local as in the export installation. Of course, the uid_local=76 corresponds with a different file in this installation.

| uid | uid_local | uid_foreign | table_local | tablenames |
| 67108 | 76 | 239506 | sys_file | tt_content |

3. Testing this with another installation, the import did not work at all because an exception gets thrown:

Uncaught TYPO3 Exception
#1317178604: No file found for given UID: 207889

Apparently, for this uid, a corresponding sys_file record does not exist yet.