Bug #86621

Updated by Chris Müller about 1 year ago

In TYPO3 9.5.0 I have a single-tree website with two languages (en/de).

Now I configured the access rights for my editors. The start page with uid 3 is set as starting point for the DB mount.

The group has all permissions set for the start page:


Now the editor (who is in the respective group) edits the page properties of the English start page and want to save the changes, the following error message appears:

@1: Attempt to modify record 'Home page' (pages:79) without permission. Or non-existing page.@

The same error message occurs with the German version.

In the database is for page uid 79 the field "l10n_parent" set to 3:


The saving for other pages in deeper levels of the web site works correctly.