Bug #87118

Updated by Philipp Seiler almost 3 years ago

* Create a new content element, e.g. a textmedia element. 
 * Go to the list module of the page, on which the content element was just created. 
 * Select mulit-selection mode for clipboard (if it has not already been selected). 
 * Go back pack to the page module. 
 * Copy the content element by clicking its top-left icon and selecting "Copy" from the context menu. 
 * Insert the copied element below/above the original element with the now visible "Paste after this record"-Buttons. 

 *Site will reload, no error, but no copy has been created!* 

 Also no record has been added to the tt_content table. 

 The array _$this->clipData['tab_1']['el']_ in the _\TYPO3\CMS\Backend\Clipboard\Clipboard_ class is simply empty. 
 When switching to single-mode, _$this->clipData['normal']['el']_ will hold the correct tt_content reference.