Task #84717

Updated by Sybille Peters about 2 years ago

see "decisions:Breaking LinkValidator (Serialised Array vs. JSON)":https://decisions.typo3.org/t/breaking-linkvalidator-serialised-array-vs-json/360/11 

 Specifically the field tx_linkvalidator_link.url_response is used to handle results of link check, including the error message: 

 It may contain something like this: 

 a:2:{s:5:"valid";b:0;s:11:"errorParams";a:2:{s:9:"errorType";s:7:"network";s:7:"message";s:30:"Network error / invalid domain";}} 

 Also, the errorParams array includes an errorType and the (localized) error message. This does not really make sense anyway, because it is localized while checking links. It should be localized while viewing results because checking links and viewing the results may be done by different users at different times (and checking may also be done via the scheduler). 

 I am not creating another issue for this, but this should be considered when handling the array differently. Probably it would be sufficient to store the errorType in a seperate database field.