Bug #84887

Updated by Sybille Peters about 1 year ago

Currently, linkvalidator is highly configurable, the settings can be applied via TSconfig for a page / user / group. 

 When checking links however, only the page TSconfig of the current start page is considered. Different page TSconfig on a subpage is not considered. It does not override the settings. 


 # Reproduce 

 ## Steps to Reproduce 

 # Create 2 pages with 1 tt_content element each, with a broken link each in in tt_content.header and tt_content.bodytext. I page is parent of the other 
 # Set the TSconfig on the first page to scan bodytext and header 
 # Set the TSconfig of the child page to only scan bodytext 
 # Start "Check links" from the parent page and view report 
 # Start "Check links" from the child page and view report 

 h1. ## Expected result 

 Get same number of broken links for child page: 1 (only bodytext) 

 h1. ## Actual result 

 If "Check links" is started on child page, the result is correct. 

 If "Check links" is started on parent page, the result is 2 links for child page (not correct) 

 h1. # Solution 


 * keep current behaviour I would propose to rethink excessive configurability and document this (I think having provide a different simple configuration on a subpage is highly unlikely to ever be required) 
 * change behaviour to check for configuration on subpages that actually works, e.g. 1 configuraion per Installation or per Site.