Bug #89062

Updated by Sybille Peters about 1 year ago

Missing translations:

* Filelist -> "Dateiliste"
* pagelist context menu: Show, Edit, Info, Copy, Cut ...
* BE module "Maintenance" and content within
* BE module "Site Configuration"
* etc.

Existing translations (as shown in BE):

* all modules in WEB (e.g. File ("Seite"), View ("Anzeigen"), etc.)
* module ADMIN TOOLS -> Extensions ("Erweiterungen")
* all modules in SYSTEM

I performed this upgrade last Friday (Aug 30,2019).

Another installation (inst2) with TYPO3 9 upgrade performed a while ago has more translations, (though it is still missing translations for BE modules "Sites" and "Redirects" and cards in "Maintenance"). Also, everything in Maintenance still shows English texts). "Manage Language Packs" for inst2 shows "22.08.19 15:18" as time of last update.

I am not sure if there is anything else I can do. I checked:

* Maintenace > Manage Language Packs: Language is configured and "Update all" was performed. However, it shows only third party extensions. Not sure, what current status of translation download is for core.
* searching in typo3temp for \"Dateiliste\" shows no results for recently updated installation. But does show a file with translations including this string for the installation where upgrade was performed a while ago.