Bug #93920

Updated by Jo Hasenau over 3 years ago

We've got the following Szenario: 

 Default language for a multi-language, multi-domain project is German. 

 So each of the different site configurations of that project got a language configuration for language ID 0 having a path "/de/" in the first place. 

 Now we added the other languages for each domain i.e. FR and IT for Switzerland, which is working fine, because each of the languages needs to be visible in the frontend, including German. 

 Now we added FR for France and since there should be no visible German language in the frontend, we set the default language to "enabled: false". 

 As expected this removes the frontend visibility of German pages but: *The redirect to the German path stays active* . 

 So when you hit the domain without a language suffix, the redirect will point to "/de/" and of course this will throw an error because the page is not configured. 

 Moving the default language to the end of the list did not work in the Backend module, modul, but it was possible to do it in the YAML file, and after moving the entry the redirect worked fine. So the redirect seems to consider the first entry in the list regardless of the "enabled" "nenabled" state. 

 IMHO automatic redirects must ignore entries that are disabled, *so that the first visible entry will be the redirect default target* .