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15:06 French Speaking Committee Task #63813 (New): Présence à Agoracms
Organiser une conférence de présentation de TYPO3 à l'Agoracms.


11:24 TYPO3 profiler Bug #61187 (Resolved): doesn't seems to work with TYPO3 6.2
Error hen opening the backend module.
Warning: Uncaught exception 'TYPO3\CMS\Core\Error\Exception' with message 'P...


18:09 TYPO3 Core Bug #61079 (Closed): Impossible to affect the context menu with TSconfig with disableItems=hide


17:01 TYPO3 Core Bug #50041: Media content element does not work with youtube and https
i still encountered the same problem with 6.2 beta 4, is the patch have been published yet ?


11:36 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Evangelism
I'm shocked by what you just said on Ben, he does an amazing job, and the result is really positive for the associati...


23:15 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Evangelism
+1 with Sritter, plus i do think your posiiton is a bit confusing, are we talking about TYPO3 here or about Flow3 ?...
15:44 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: 123 Blog
So, we all agree that some features already exists and it's more about packaging them now, and doing a marketing work...
14:41 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: 123 Blog
here we are, and this is why TYPO3 is not popular, developpers have this really specific vision wich does not include...


10:41 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: Community Management
Just a short input coming from my experience as French speaking committee manager:
we would have done close to noth...
08:04 Budget 2013 Discussion: RE: 123 Blog
The main idea here is to make the entry ticket for TYPO3 a lot easier for beginers, to convince more people to use TY...

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