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12:15 Server Team Support #88903 (Closed): Change DNS of
Change DNS of to
AAAA: 2a01:4f8:172:1753::2@
EDIT: NS should be changed so that o...


18:18 Server Team Task #88610 (Resolved): Decommission srv123 and srv189
Christian Kuhn wrote: _hey server team. we're now live with the new for a while, and it seems all is g...


10:51 Server Team Task #88274 (New): Integrate srv177 (LDAP) in Chef deployment process
Srv177 (LDAP) should be integrated in the standard Chef deployment process for configuration and certificates.


17:23 Task #81083 (Closed): Gerrit-LDAP: Investigate Gerrit groups when switching to LDAP
When authentication has been switched to LDAP, also groups have been switched.
17:20 Task #81081 (Closed): Gerrit-LDAP: Switch Gerrit to LDAP auth
Authentication has been switched to LDAP.
17:19 Task #88189 (New): Hide User Account Information in Gerrit
As discussed in we should hide the User Account Informat...


23:41 Server Team Feature #87916 (Closed): Hosting packages for and
Hosting packages and Proxy have been setup and deployed.
21:30 Server Team Feature #87916 (Closed): Hosting packages for and
Provide hosting packages for and


21:55 phpMyAdmin Bug #84529 (Closed): Missing Scrollbar in BE
21:54 phpMyAdmin Bug #84529: Missing Scrollbar in BE
Fixed in 5.2.6 -

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