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17:24 Core Bug #64574: felogin stdWrap for messages not working in external typoscript files
It`s the same with indexed search: some old extensions still use the file ext_typoscript setup.txt to include their T...


16:43 Themes a theme selector, like known from wordpress Bug #66102 (Closed): Constant themes.languages.default.isoCodeShort is not set
themes->languages->default.isoCodeHtml receives it`s value from
which ...


20:34 Extension Builder Bug #66069 (Resolved): category "distribution" has wrong value
If you select More options->Category Distribution the value which is written into the ext_emconf.php file is "example...


15:42 Core Bug #26088: Pagetree of 4.5.2 backend is not loaded via Proxy
Found another occurence of this problem. This time in the frontend when using RSA for frontend logins. TYPO3 Version ...


11:20 Core Bug #59138: UserElements not loading in TYPO3 6.x
Issue is solved, Stanislas uploaded a patch here:


14:06 Core Bug #59138 (Closed): UserElements not loading in TYPO3 6.x
when adding the UserElements button to the RTE, the button shows in the RTE menu bar. But if you click on the button,...
11:54 Core Bug #26088: Pagetree of 4.5.2 backend is not loaded via Proxy
We still have a problem in TYPO3 6.1 when combining a proxy and SSL.
Here`s my Apache BE-access log:...


09:21 Core Bug #23621: Content element insert records gets wrapped two times
Sorry, I didn`t notice the feedback request.
Yes the problem still exists in TYPO3 6.1
So the ticket should be re-...


09:56 BE Secure Password Suggestion #54755 (Under Review): Password change should be made a mandatory input
The reminder is nice but the user can always choose to change the pw next time. Most applications in the IT world for...


14:59 Core Bug #44146: no more downloading as .t3x file from Extension Manager
as long as version 4(.7) is supported, this bug is not solved. The EM expects the file extension of manually importet...

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