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20:31 TYPO3 Core Bug #93251 (New): getCurrentPageId not working correctly in multisite systems
The \TYPO3\CMS\Extbase\Configuration\BackendConfigurationManager getCurrentPageId() function may not work correctly i...


12:35 TYPO3 Core Bug #91241: Backend User has no access to pages in TYPO3 9.5.16 and 10.4.0
A duplicate of Bug #91221?


13:52 TYPO3 Core Bug #89438 (New): "Upgrade Wizard" - "Database Analyzer" - Loop
Currently, the Upgrade Wizard is not compatible with the Database Analyzer. The reason for this is the \TYPO3\CMS\Ins...


20:05 TYPO3 Core Bug #75915 (Closed): Unsafe removing of empty redirect urls
In class FrontendLoginController in method processRedirect in line 749 an implode and explode is used with a delimite...


21:32 Editorial Team Bug #70795 (In Progress): Migrate t3org_feedparser
19:31 Editorial Team Bug #70799: tt_news current version causes PHP errors
tt_news will be replaced by tx_news
16:46 Editorial Team Bug #70795 (Closed): Migrate t3org_feedparser
Must be bugfixed
16:44 Editorial Team Task #70794 (Closed): Migrate cz_simple_cal
* Migrate to new extbase/fluid versions
* make responsive


11:42 Editorial Team Suggestion #70753 (Closed): Lightbox group name
Add a lightbox group name to tt_content table. Usefull for slideshows of screenshots
10:40 Editorial Team Task #70741 (Closed): Check responsive images
* Size-check of images in picture tag
* Check of JavaScript compatibility-helper scripts like picturefill and so on

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