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21:24 TYPO3 Core Bug #66247: File Recycler doesn't collect deleted files anymore
Still an anoying problem in 6.2.15...
Is there any solution/patch ???


04:36 NN Address Feature #66360: list of persons by selected categories
in the moment imho can't filter output by sys_category...
it seems that only own groups work...
is this right ??? a...


04:18 Extension Builder Bug #46132: Extension Builder ignores Template: keep settings in settings.yaml and overrides all ...
I have the same problem with:
TYPO3 6.2.9
extension_builder 6.2.0
edit: sorry, must be to late yesterday... all is O...


12:02 Grid Elements (former official tracker) - now moved to Gitlab! Feature #61428 (Closed): Listmodule - OpenALL link for unfolding ALL Gridelements
i have many nested gridelements on a site.
for multitediting, i.e. the redakteurs have set more than one h1 on many ...


22:33 Marketing Team Task #59534 (New): t3blog.com is absolutly outdated
the last "recent" website is more than 2 years old...
for the reputation of TYPO3 it is very usefull (nescessarry)...


12:29 FE User Management Feature #58991 (Closed): Return-Path configurable
In the moment the Return-Path of sendet Mail is the server mail address...
It would be usefull if this could be over...


12:52 forum.typo3.org Bug #50359: Forum images ntp
maybe a good way is:
not sending as attachments! but put a link in zhe message to the in the forum hosted file...


12:33 Dynamic CSS Bug #56810 (Closed): Error in Protocoll ???
i have the following error very ofen im protocoll
any ideas ???
Core: Error handler (FE): PHP Warning: filemtime(...


16:27 Language Selection Bug #53686: Undefined method in TYPO3 6.1 when extension yag is installed
for me the order is
1.) sr_language_menu
2.) yag
because of the testing with yag was only for another customer, i ...


01:41 Language Selection Bug #53686 (Resolved): Undefined method in TYPO3 6.1 when extension yag is installed
using the language menu on a site where yag is instaled, then (when trying to ad images to the gallery) the following...

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