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18:48 Core Bug #79760: FLUIDTEMPLATE not rendered when Layout name collides with Layout name of FSC
Same here, took me hours!
I think this is a common problem upgrading from 7 LTS, because examples on the web usin...


17:31 Core Task #54316: Provide a Nginx server configuration
Also would like a standard Nginx config to replace .htaccess. It should ship with the TYPO3 Source.


16:09 Core Feature #77842: explicitly allow CTypes for columns in backend_layout
this would make it easier for editors, especially on heavily customised websites. it would be even cooler if one coul...


19:22 Core Bug #32950: EXT:form - Confirmation mail to sender in FORM
I made an extension to be able to send a cc to the sender, see here:
10:39 Core Feature #78904 (Rejected): correct append of ellipses for different language in f:format.crop()
if respectWordBoundaries = true and language = german append default should be ...


12:16 Core Feature #17406: Page type Shortcut with anchor points
Workaround with external url is possible, but then no menu with active state can be renderd. please consider th...


17:20 Core Feature #65228: Simple way to read sys_category
Please make categories accessible for pages, content and resources. As they are now implemented they are quite useles...
11:24 Core Bug #49904: TCEFORM.tt_content.imageorient.removeItems = --div-- also removes imageorient "0 = Ab...
After some years I revisit this issues (Using my company user 'taywa') I think best would still be remove --div-- at ...


16:55 Core Feature #17630: gr_list concept needs to be improved
I would like to see an improvement in the gr_list stuff. If you have many different usergroups and combinations, its ...


14:47 Core Bug #66587: Scheduler serialized task needs to be migrated for 7.x
same here, for an updated installation 4.5->6.2-> 7 LTS.
Just truncated tx_scheduler_task table, error gone (make...

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