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Page type Shortcut with anchor points

Added by Florian over 14 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Initial situation:
I have a menu point in first level. Lets call it "menu card". At my startpage I
have a CE at the bottom with the menu cards. As there is a lot of other content,
visitors have to scroll down to get there. Therefore I created this extra link to get
sure that they will find it.
Now if I select the page type Shortcut in the BE I only can select another page but no content element in a page like I can do with RTE. Here I just click on the little
red/white arrow to get the selection of all CEs. When I choose one, the user will be directed to this paragraph at once. That's very convenient.

Maybe this feature can be added in a later release?! Thanks

(issue imported from #M5832)

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Updated by Thorsten Kahler over 14 years ago

Hi Florian,

did you try it with page type "external url"? This might be a short-term solution for you.


Updated by Florian over 14 years ago

Thanks, I tried this. It's working so far :)


Updated by Alexander Opitz over 8 years ago

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As this report is very old, is the handling in newer TYPO3 CMS Versions (like 6.0/6.1) more like you expect it?


Updated by Alexander Opitz about 8 years ago

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No feedback for over 90 days.


Updated by Tao Nguyen over 6 years ago


there is still no option (Typo3 6.2) to use an anchor while using "Shortcut". Using "Link to external URL" is not a real solution, since it is not dynamic.

Just adding a small field next to "Shortcut Target" where the user can add #anchor or something like that would be enough.


Updated by Sebastian Michaelsen over 5 years ago

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  • PHP Version deleted (4.3)

This feature is still missing in TYPO3 8 and would definitely be helpful.


Updated by Sebastian Michaelsen over 5 years ago

I've created a little extension to cure my own itch: https://github.com/smichaelsen/typo3-shortcut-params

Maybe that can help others with the same demand or can be the starting point to build it into the core.


Updated by taywa gmbh about 5 years ago


Workaround with external url is possible, but then no menu with active state can be renderd. please consider this to implement. maybe use code from https://github.com/smichaelsen/typo3-shortcut-params for it.

I just tried this ext and its working well. thanks!


Updated by Denis Mir almost 5 years ago

Would be a nice addition.


Updated by Riccardo De Contardi over 4 years ago

  • Related to Feature #81379: For a page_type "Shortcut" make it possible to link to specific content added

Updated by Susanne Moog almost 4 years ago

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Updated by Christian Fries almost 3 years ago

Would definitely be a nice addition.


Updated by Peter Linzenkirchner almost 2 years ago

I agree: would be useful.


Updated by taywa gmbh over 1 year ago

"Will meet again", did a search on google, and ups, I did need this 3 years ago and again now. Sadly still not implemented yet. And https://github.com/smichaelsen/typo3-shortcut-params is not working with TYPO3 9! So still +1


Updated by Markus Zipfel over 1 year ago

I was trying to create a shortcut to a content element and thought it might be sufficient to override the TCA of pages and update the database column pages.shortcut to VARCHAR(255):


defined('TYPO3_MODE') or die();

(function () {
    $GLOBALS['TCA']['pages']['columns']['shortcut']['config']['allowed'] = 'pages,tt_content';


# Table structure for table 'pages'
CREATE TABLE `pages` (
    `shortcut` varchar(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',

The result is a value like tt_content_1234 in the shortcut column.

I know: It's not a valid typolink parameter. But it's possible to use e.g. a ViewHelper that processes this value and replaces "tt_content_" with the PID of the content element followed by "#" (so that we get 12#1234 - means content element 1234 on page 12) which would be a valid typolink parameter.

Maybe that's helpful for someone out there...


Updated by Tim Lochmüller 11 months ago

Based on Markus comment, I kicckstart this extension: https://github.com/lochmueller/custom_shortcut
This allow pages (incl. migration wizard), tt_content and option for more thrid party records.


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