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13:07 Core Bug #81166 (Rejected): Remaining character functionality doesn't work on inline records
When using IRRE for a record that has a field with the following TCA config:...


13:15 Core Bug #81139 (Closed): Create new pages button is missing tooltips
They were present in 6.2, gone in 7.6 (tested on 7.6.18).
See screenshot.
13:00 Core Bug #81138 (Accepted): View button prepends &ADMCMD_editIcons=1 to url
When using the view module, clicking the "View webpage" toolbar button prepends &ADMCMD_editIcons=1 to the url opened...


18:12 Core Bug #36832: Preview hidden pages on subdomains triggers 404 handler
Nope, can be closed.


10:43 Grid Elements Bug #63284 (Resolved): Copy element: No valid ajaxID parameter given
This happens in 6.2.6 on 3.1.0-dev
I can reproduce as follows:
- Create a gridelement, containing 1 or more con...


11:47 Grid Elements Bug #60194: Bug with 6.2.4
I still have this issue on master and 6.2.4, exactly as described above.


12:48 TYPO3.Flow Feature #54600 (Resolved): Request arguments not available in all HTTP methods
When building a REST service that uses the PATCH method, arguments are not available because of the following restric...


18:17 TYPO3.Flow Bug #48551 (Resolved): Doctrine semantical error
I have a signal&slots implementation for failed login attempts. A repository adds a new Event model everytime this ha...


15:13 tt_address Bug #43228: Wizard and Typo3 6.0
What trunk? Doesn't seem to be committed to the git repo on


12:46 TYPO3.Flow Bug #38963: Error in validationGroups documentation
See new patch, original still contained an error.

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