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10:46 Core Bug #76638 (Closed): Insertion point not correctly displayed when creating a sub page via context...
When using the context menu in the page tree to insert a new page as a sub page to an existing page, the arrow for th...


16:55 Board (public) discussion: RE: Financial Planning / Funding
As part of the financial ramp-up for TYPO3 Inc. it is planned to double the Association membership fees for 1 year.


11:07 Security Guide Task #73031: Add advice regarding php executables in fileadmin
Write protecting the PHP files is a good approach, however this has side effects that should be mentioned along with ...


09:12 Core Bug #70249 (Resolved): Re-Login Form after expired backend session has no abort button
When the BE session has expired,the user is presented with a form to submit his password for re-login. There is only ...


16:50 Core Bug #24733: Label with comma in required form fields causes problems in popup
No, this issue is not important (we just stumbled on it during a seminar) and we have not sites that are affected by ...


13:47 Budget 2015 Discussion: RE: Education Committee / TYPO3 Campus
1) I'm wondering why the calculation states hotel costs at the max. allowed rate of 100 EUR/night per person. Most ot...


11:57 Budget 2015 Discussion: RE: Documentation & Documentation Tools for Neos/Flow
In my opinion there is no need to create tools for automating screenshots and capturing short videos. There are good ...


22:42 Core Bug #62409 (Closed): TYPO3 4.5.37 not compatible with PHP 5.2.x
On the system requirements for TYPO3 4.5 state a minimum version of PHP 5.2.
After upgrading a system fr...


15:35 Core Bug #52992: Package "flvplayer" is not available
We could solve the problem by deleting the file typo3conf/PackageStates.php
12:32 Core Bug #52949: Speed decrease since 4.5
Let us know if you want to test this in one of our hosting packages. There you can switch instantly between PHP 5.3/5...

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