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08:30 Core Bug #79143 (Resolved): ExtensionManager ext_tables_static+adt.sql fails with mssql
Applied in changeset commit:b51fdede06b7b131f656a75e5142068d65152ac9.
08:18 Core Revision b51fdede: [BUGFIX][DBAL] Fix ExtensionManager repository insertion
Resolves: #79143
Releases: master
Change-Id: I3cc6f0cff6980439f8f967f8ea627e074444f28c
Reviewed-on: https://review.ty...


14:09 Core Bug #79298 (New): "sys_language.sorting" is invalid in the ORDER BY clause because it is not cont...
Page module, clicking on a page results in with mssqL:
Oops, an error occurred!
An exception occurred while executi...
13:57 Core Bug #79297 (New): ExpressionBuilder::literal() must be of the type string, integer returned with ...
Return value of TYPO3\CMS\Core\Database\Query\Expression\ExpressionBuilder::literal() must be of the type string, int...
13:50 Core Bug #79295 (Under Review): OpenSSL config on windows
OpenSSL config on windows sometimes has problems when no explicit config file is passed into the openssl_* functions.
10:18 Core Bug #79282 (New): SQL identities and IDENTITY_INSERT with doctrine on mssql server
On mssql servers dumps/importing with preset ids will fail as IDENTITY_INSERT is not set/allowed by default.
E.g. #7...


11:55 Core Bug #79272 (Under Review): rsaauth/OpenSSL has problems on windows
Undefined config file will result in an openssl failure.


17:18 Core Bug #79143 (Resolved): ExtensionManager ext_tables_static+adt.sql fails with mssql
On mssql you cannot insert with a given identity if identity_insert is off which is the default and in general a pain...


15:12 Core Bug #79132 (New): Installer not reporting reason why database connect failed
The TYPO3 Installer is not reporting the actual reason why the database connect failed to user, instead just a generi...


13:07 Core Bug #78875 (Under Review): TypeScript Editors problems with tsconfig.json location
Editors relying on the tsserver for support cannot properly configure the project as the tsconfig.json currently is i...

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