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ckeditor uses wrong modal for paste text

Added by Marco Christian Krenn over 2 years ago. Updated 12 months ago.

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When using "Paste", "Paste plain text" and "Paste from word" the modal window needs to be updated to new style.

modal-paste-ce.JPG View (64.9 KB) Marco Christian Krenn, 2017-06-01 13:15


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The CKEditor is shiping a lot of internal UI handling things and using them to render the modal.
We theoretically could hook us into their modal creationa and rip the modal content out of the parent, kill the parent, insert our modal dialog and then append the ripped content.
Not sure if the effort is worth it and future stable.
Benni could maybe comment as he spent time integrating the editor.

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I discussed this at some point with the CKEditor people, it's a really hard job to create a custom skin "typo3" that matches the styles. it is doable but a lot of effort. I'd rather suggest we move to CKEditor5 and change the skin there, as this seems more "useful" work.

Does that sound ok with you, Marco?

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closing it because lack of feedback and nobody will tackle that.

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