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11:59 Direct Mail Subscription Bug #74534: Loading of language file doesn't work after update to 2.0.3
The second is a 6.2 only issue, because in 7.6 the errorMode has a default value.
With above mentioned changes the...


13:17 Faceted Search Feature #58631: Make CTypes configurable
Tried it with 2 custom content elements - worked fine.
To really use this possibility we would need two additional...


10:00 Faceted Search Feature #58631: Make CTypes configurable
Any progress here?
Especially in light of ext_frontend and fluid_styled_content for 7.5 I think we need this. :)


16:24 Faceted Search Bug #69616 (Resolved): Debug in current release
The current release has a faulty ext_autoload.php which debugs the TYPO3 version number.


13:58 Faceted Search Bug #68119: Searching digits
Unfortunately "+" and "-" are reserved search word operators.
13:56 Faceted Search Bug #68156: Indexer - fatal error
Most likely there is a content element here that has a folder associated, but ke_search expects a file.
Could it b...
13:48 Faceted Search Bug #68211: ke_search doesn't work on android, but on iphones...
I can't confirm this in any of my implementations nor in a vanilla ke_search.
Most likely it is some template change...


12:43 TYPO3 Core Bug #66140 (Closed): Problem with IE11 and saving (can be reproduced in ext:news)
One can't save a news item in IE 11 (6.2.11 and news 3.1.0).
According to Georg Ringer there is no magic with the ...


17:56 Faceted Search Bug #58774: Error: Incorrect arguments to EXECUTE when there are files to be indexed
Currently running into this problem aswell...
Same error, problem is definitely in checkIfFileWasIndexed.
My tempor...
17:51 Faceted Search Bug #58797: Indexing PDFs via Scheduler produces wrong Links in Database
Wrong issue - ignore this one.

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