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23:44 Core Bug #81896 (New): Drag and drop Text does not work


20:03 Core Bug #81895 (Needs Feedback): Unclear position options when creating a new page via context menu
20:01 Core Bug #81896 (Needs Feedback): Drag and drop Text does not work
I don't think drag and drop is even meant to be possible in this use case.
The gray field which you marked in your s...


06:37 Core Feature #80959 (Needs Feedback): [Usability][BE] Put submit buttons into the forms
Either i don't really understand this request or i am kind of against it.
If you are actually talking about the sa...


22:58 Core Bug #81338 (Needs Feedback): sys_categories filter does not work
09:19 Core Bug #81616 (Resolved): TYPO3 generated HTML-output strips off whitespaces/linebreaks between tags.
09:11 Core Bug #81473 (Closed): CKEdtor - use multiple stylesheets
i am closing this ticket since this doesn't seem to be a bug and a solution was found.


23:19 Core Bug #81633 (Closed): StagesService->getBackendUsers should provide 'lang' and 'uc' attribute
closed - as request by Kevin
21:58 Core Bug #81626 (Closed): Buttons in image manipulation wizard not reachable with large protrait image
Thank you for this bug report! But there is already a ticket regarding this issue (see #80802).
So i am closing this...


22:31 Core Bug #81014 (Needs Feedback): ckeditor removes <span>-tags inside <li>

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