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17:24 TYPO3 Core Feature #102464 (Closed): Optimize Page tree including Button in styleguide extension
As an Backend User,
I want to see only buttons which I can use, when I create a styleguide tree or styleguide conten...
Annett Jähnichen
14:10 TYPO3 Core Task #99303 (Needs Feedback): Provide original positon for drag and drop content element
Currently, when the element is dragged, it is displayed slightly greyed out again at its original position. The edito... Annett Jähnichen


16:48 TYPO3 Core Task #101280: Inconsistent label for rowDescription field
Unfortunately, this does not seem to be quite so trivial.
The info can be overwritten by TCA and does not necessaril...
Annett Jähnichen
12:15 TYPO3 Core Task #100113 (Needs Feedback): Streamline wording in filelist when moving/copying files or folders
Annett Jähnichen
11:36 TYPO3 Core Bug #100986 (Closed): Layout display error after editing content item
Annett Jähnichen


12:28 TYPO3 Core Bug #101849 (New): AdminPanel preview_simulateDate does not respect date.timezone settings
h3. What have I done?
* Use AdminPanel simulate time functionality
* change time
* click "update settings"
Annett Jähnichen


19:29 TYPO3 Core Task #101556 (New): [UX] - Streamline Modals representation in backend
Use streamlined optic for modals in backend.
Dark grey header, Cancel/Close Button on left side. Important action ...
Annett Jähnichen
18:34 TYPO3 Core Bug #100860 (Rejected): Page Module -- header section has an css overflow after closing of the content element edit view
Annett Jähnichen
15:10 TYPO3 Core Bug #98206 (Closed): View details link in backend user module broken
Hi Bernhard,
if this issue cannot be reproduced in version 11.5, I would like to close the ticket.
Version 10.4 ...
Annett Jähnichen


15:54 TYPO3 Core Bug #101536 (Closed): background in page module is shifted
If the defLangBinding option is set, the first content button in the Page Module is rendered on a white background.
Annett Jähnichen

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