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20:32 Core Feature #26139: un-/hide multiple records with one click
I assume we still have an option to select multiple records for further action. On touch devices selections often are...


16:56 Core Feature #80559 (Closed): datetime and time handling should always have timezone information
each input or output should be able to handle timezones.
so an editor might enter a time and his local timezone must...


09:22 Core Feature #79147 (New): export/import for file list module
with an export/import similar to the pages export/import you can have the possibility to synchronize two instances.


08:52 Core Bug #77110: In RTE, link title is broken (7.6 only, 6.2 works perfect)
As an editor complains about the wrong title-tags I noticed the changed behaviour and opened the ticket #78971.
08:50 Core Bug #78971 (New): Link Wizard keeps title default value so the kind of link changes
On opening the link wizard the field title gets a default value for the current kind of link (normaly 'page', so 'lin...


00:12 Core Bug #71312: fe_users: a logout does not clear the field 'is_online'
than your statement ??"so timestamps older then 120 s (2min) can be read as not online anymore."?? is wrong.
as a us...


00:10 Core Bug #71312: fe_users: a logout does not clear the field 'is_online'
Since when is the status of a *FE-user* updated every 60 seconds?
the ticket was created for showing the availabi...


13:49 Mask Bug #78593 (New): wrong field lable for included CEs
I have a container-CE defining two subcolumns (fields from type `content`), where I can insert further CEs.
For al...
13:37 Core Bug #78592 (New): Wrong skaling of SVG logo for backend login in IE11
We have a SVG image for customer logo, which is shown at the BE login.
When displaying the SVG only you can find p...


22:31 Core Bug #71312: fe_users: a logout does not clear the field 'is_online'
Users who does not log out may not be identified correct. that problem can not be solved.
User who did a log out cou...

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