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11:58 TYPO3 Core Feature #87806: Scheduler: Send email on error
As the scheduler is called by cron: the owner of the cron task will be mailed on an error or any output.


13:47 TYPO3 Core Bug #86362: Inserted images are not allways ordered alphabetically
do you use Drag&Drop?
windows priorizes the file/item where you dragged (mousedown) the selection and inserts them...


11:23 TYPO3 Core Bug #85158: Sliding defect?
as I only noticed the strange behaviour in the solution of others, I can not give more hints. you might contact them....


15:13 TYPO3 Core Bug #85158 (New): Sliding defect?
I asked in but got no answer (


12:14 TYPO3 Core Feature #85032: Expiration ànd a Publication date order
That would result in a much more complicated evaluation for every record.
in the moment the evaluation is like


10:36 TYPO3 Core Bug #83064: Media cropping data should not be localizable
the cropping might not be translatable in the wording, but you might want another cropping aera for different countri...


08:57 TYPO3 Core Feature #82559: Configurable discovery (path/name) in CommandUtility for tools like python
As far as I understand these special assignements are dependend on server (or installation).
So this array should b...


20:32 TYPO3 Core Feature #26139: un-/hide multiple records with one click
I assume we still have an option to select multiple records for further action. On touch devices selections often are...


16:56 TYPO3 Core Feature #80559 (Closed): datetime and time handling should always have timezone information
each input or output should be able to handle timezones.
so an editor might enter a time and his local timezone must...


09:22 TYPO3 Core Feature #79147 (Rejected): export/import for file list module
with an export/import similar to the pages export/import you can have the possibility to synchronize two instances.

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