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Check if session-handling is working

Added by Bernd Wilke almost 6 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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just got the problem:
session-handling is available, but BE-Login was not possible. (install tool was running smoothly)

session handling was configured to use memcache, so there was no warning in the install-tool.
but so memcache was not installed BE-login always fails to generate session-data.

There should be a apropiate test in the install tool testing the server whether TYPO3 can run successful.

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Updated by Benni Mack 8 months ago

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Can you let me know how this could be tested?

You mean that you used a memcached session handling?


Updated by Bernd Wilke 8 months ago

don't know exactly any more (5 years ago).
there was a configuration to use memcached session handling, without any memcache available. so data (user login) was written against a non working API (without error message). And so the 'written' data could not be retrieved afterwards.

The test should be: write some session data and retrieve it afterwards (on the next request). if the data could not be read something is wrong (as no login would work) => error message.

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